7.5t load carrying capacity for front axles of coaches


7.5t load carrying capacity when fitted in single formation across an axle

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"Drive whatever the road"
  • Improved load carrying capacity(1) without compromising mileage performance(2), on any kind of road
  • Excellent resistance to accidental damage
  • Uniform wear thanks to the improved distribution of pressure across the width of the tyre and InfiniCoil
  • Wider shoulder ribs and unsymmetrical tread pattern improve protection against obstacles

(2) Internal Michelin test. Vehicle: 4x2 coach fitted with MICHELIN X ® COACH™ HL Z tyres vs. XZE 2+ tyres

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"Drive with peace of mind"
  • Improved load carrying capacity(1), 7.5t for axles fitted with tyres in single formation
  • Outstanding grip in all conditions
  • Thanks to InfiniCoil technology
  • A new tread design featuring 4 wide longitudinal grooves:
    • Improved distribution of pressure across the width of the contact patch

(1)load carrying capacity MICHELIN X ® COACH™ HL Z (7.5t) vs MICHELIN X ® COACH™ XZ (7.1t) when fitted in single formation across the axle. The maximum permissible load on an axle is supplied by the vehicle manufacturer according to the regulations in force. Equipping this axle with tyres that can support a greater load does not mean that you can exceed the load recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

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"A greener way to transport goods"
  • Regrooving enables the use of the tyre for longer in its most fuel efficient condition
  • Tyres manufactured in line with environmental standards
  • SMICHELIN X® COACH™ HL Z tyres have a consistent depth of under tread rubber
  • All MICHELIN X® COACH™ HL Z tyres are manufactured in European ISO 14001 certified factories
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Protektoriaus gilinimo schema

MICHELIN 295/80 R 22.5 X® COACH™ HL Z

MICHELIN 295/80 R 22.5 X® COACH™ HL Z
Teorinis gilinimo gylis Protektoriaus gilinimo plotis Peiliukas
H = 3 mm 8 to 10 mm R3
„Michelin“ praktinės žinios


InfiniCoil : for improved load carrying capacity and longevity
InfiniCoil provides an improved wear pattern and greater casing endurance, thanks to the introduction of a continuous steel cable around the entire crown block.
InfiniCoil is a MICHELIN Durable Technologies
HLZ (1)
Pavadinimas Ašis UERR RRT Sukibimas su šlapia danga UENO triukšmas Specializuota žiemai M+S
295/80 R 22.5 X COACH HL Z TL 154/149M
Visos ašys C B
069 dB
Daugiau informacijos Išskleisti
Apkrovos indeksas 154/149M
Viengubos padangos apkrovos indeksas 154
Sudvigubintos padangos apkrovos indeksas 149
Skerspjūvis (mm) 299.0
Diametras (mm) 1055
Bearing circumference (mm) 3229
Apkrova ašiai su viengubais ratais (kg) 7500
Apkrova ašiai su sudvigubintais ratais (kg) 13000
Viengubos padangos slėgis (bar) 8.50
Rekomenduojamas slėgis sudvigubintam ratui (bar) 8.00
Rekomenduojamas ratlankis 8.25
Skerspjūvis (mm) 299.0
Diametras (mm) 1055
Skerspjūvis apkrautai padangai (mm) 329
Apkrautos padangos spindulys (mm) 488
Bearing circumference (mm) 3229
Minimalus atstumas tarp padangų (mm) 326
Slėgis Apkrova viengubam ratui (kg) Apkrova sudvigubintam ratui (kg)
5 4660 8540
5,25 4860 8910
5,5 5070 9290
5,75 5270 9660
6 5470 10030
6,25 5680 10400
6,5 5880 10770
6,75 6080 11140
7 6280 11510
7,25 6490 11890
7,5 6690 12260
7,75 6890 12630
8 7090 13000
8,25 7300 0
8,5 7500 0